Wheat Straw

$11.00 per bale
If you are looking for an inexpensive way to protect grass seed or a way to raise your garden beds, baled straw is the way to go. Unlike hay, straw contains relatively few seeds, which means that no other little plants will crop up in your yard or garden. Straw is also less expensive and easy to dispose of, especially when using a lawnmower. Straw bales are a great way to raise garden beds and protect plants from soil-borne illnesses.

Baled straw is a great, inexpensive way to protect your grass while it is growing, or to protect your beds during the long winter. Straw is an insulator against the cold. The structure also fits easily in tight spaces or around tiny plants, giving them room to grow. The ability to allow seedlings room to sprout, while also acting as a barrier against moisture loss, gives plants all the support they need to grow healthy and with higher yields. Straw is also easy to get rid of, especially in comparison to other types of mulch. It can be dispensed with a lawnmower. For more information on straw bales, contact Mr. Mulch at 614-792-8686.

More Information

Consistent length for maximum coverage
Wheat Straw
Approximately 5 Cubic Feet
Each bale will cover approximately 150 square feet at 1" deep
Delivery Information
This product is generally shipped palletized on our flatbed truck and placed on your driveway. This product can delivered any other bagged/packaged mulch, bagged/packaged topsoil, bagged/packaged sand, bagged concrete mix, bagged/packaged gravel, grass seed, straw, sod, Eco-Bricks, bagged/packaged salt, bagged wood pellets or packaged firewood. Due to the nature of the packaging and trucks we use, we cannot deliver this bagged product with any bulk mulch, bulk topsoil, bulk sand, bulk gravel, bulk salt, or bulk firewood.
This product is stocked at our store. Due to the seasonality of this product, this item is not returnable for credit.


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