It is the policy of Mr. Mulch Landscape Supply to ensure that:

  1. Returnable items are as follows: regular stocked concrete pavers, caps, and wall products (must be uncut, undamaged, free of dirt and debris and returned by the unit), bagged mulch, bagged stone, bagged topsoil, paver & landscape edging, polymeric sands, adhesives, landscape wire, landscape lights and, low voltage transformers.
  2. All products are to be deemed in returnable condition by a member of our staff before ensuring a return/refund can be issued.
  3. If a product is defective in any way, the product is not returnable.
  4. NON-RETURNABLE are all bulk mulch, bulk soil, bulk compost, bulk gravel, bulk river rock, bulk sand, natural stone (boulders, wall stone, stepping stones, flagstone, etc), firewood, straw, sod, services (delivery), Super Sacks, Special Order products, and discontinued merchandise cannot be returned for any reason. No refunds will be issued.
  5. Special Order products are products that are not held in regular stock and are ordered at the specific request of the customer.  Special Order products cannot be canceled, returned, refunded, or exchanged under any circumstances once Mr. Mulch has placed the order with the manufacturer or 24 hours after the customer places the Sales Order with Mr. Mulch (whichever is first).
  6. Products must be returned within 60 days of the original sale date.
  7. Restocking/return fees may apply for returnable products.   
  8. The customer or business must be on file with the history of the original purchase in our system to complete the return, or have the paper receipt, if not, no return will be issued.
  9. All money will be returned with the same payment method that was used to purchase the product.
  10. Refunds will be initiated by a manager no later than 2 business days after a customer returns the product.  Manager will email the customer (if email is on file) stating the refund was initiated.
  11. All returns can be completed by the customer bringing returnable materials back to the store. If Mr. Mulch needs to pick up the product, a delivery fee will be charged, before a delivery date will be scheduled for the product to be picked up. We must receive and inspect the product being returned, before issuing a refund. During Peak Season (March-July) we are unable to guarantee we will accommodate product pick up for returnable products.
  12. If there are any issues or questions you have, please contacts via email at [email protected] or call us at 614-792-8686