Camelot Square

As low as $1.400 Per Camelot Square Unit of .28 Square Feet
Template sku 142728
A very nice blend of tan, charcoal, and of the most color popular choices.

Camelot Square in River color is a stocked product at our store.


The product is sold by the brick (each). There are 3.69 bricks per square foot or each brick is .27 square feet.

Camelot is shipped on a pallet that is supplied by the manufacturer, Unilock. Unilock charges a deposit for the pallet and refunds the deposit when it is returned. We follow this same process with our customers to ensure the pallets are returned to Unilock. We will contact you after we receive your online order to confirm as well as collect for the fully refundable pallet deposit.

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Template sku 142728
Unit of Measure
Camelot Square Unit of .28 Square Feet


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