All Purpose Stone

$6.750 Per Half Cubic Foot Bag
Coming in at about at 3/4 inch in size All Purpose Stone, this gravel is a generic gravel that is used for a large number of projects. These projects could include; landscaping, decoration, draining application etc.

All Purpose Stone is by far one of the most popular gravel selections in the Mr. Mulch catalog. Coming in at about 3/4" in size, this gravel is a generic gravel that is used for a large number of projects.


All Purpose Stone is recommended for:


- Laying a base below a paver or wall project
- Using in the bottom of a flower pot to allow drainage
- Any drainage application such as in basement window wells
- Filling holes in gravel driveways


The uses are limitless! If you need something that's cheap, will fill space, gives a solid base, and allows drainage, All Purpose Stone is probably perfect for the job.



How do I get my product?

We have different ways to get the product to its final place. You can stop by our store anytime to purchase the product and we will load it for you, so no dirty work for you (yet). If you prefer, we can deliver it to your home so you do not need to pick up. Delivery charges vary and depend on where you live, but most areas we deliver to are $59.00 to $99.00. When you are in the shopping cart, you will be able to enter your zip code to get an exact quote.

Finally, we can install it for you! Simply fill out this online form below (labeled "FREE ESTIMATES"), select an appointment time, and we will be out there to provide an immediate on-site estimate for the work you would like completed!


How much do I need?


All Purpose Stone Coverage:

Each bag is a half cubic foot. This will cover 3 square feet at 2" deep, 2 square feet at 3" deep, and 1.5 square feet at 4" deep.


All Purpose Stone Color:



All Purpose Stone Shape/Size:

Angular 3/4" stone


All Purpose Stone Material:



Weight of All Purpose Stone Bag:

Approximately 50 Pounds


Volume of one bag of All Purpose Stone:

0.5 cubic feet per bag



More Information

Unit of Measure
Half Cubic Foot Bag


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