Terms and Conditions of Sale


By visiting our site or by purchasing something from us or receiving any product or services from Mr. Mulch  (hereinafter “MRM”, “We”, or “us”), customer (hereinafter “You”) hereby agree to the terms and conditions below and agree to check our website: mrmulch.com/terms. You are responsible for making sure you review and understand these terms and conditions. Unless there exists another written agreement executed between you and us that states it is a “contract”, these terms and conditions shall be the binding terms

These terms and conditions are subject to change. It is your responsibility to check the website for the latest version. 

  1. All orders are accepted subject to state sales taxes, and subject to the cost of delivery at the time of shipment.
  2. The acceptance by the Seller of an order constitutes a binding contract of purchase and sale in accordance with the terms set out in this agreement.
  3. These terms and conditions together with the sales order, forṁ the complete contract and have no representations, warranties or conditions, expressed or implied affecting this contract other than as contained herein. 
  4. All sales are made in accordance with the Seller's products, which are available for the Purchaser to see and approve . If the Purchaser has not seen a product before purchase that is at the risk of the purchaser, all products are available to the purchaser, at the Sellers location. 
  5. You agree not to rely upon information including pricing information on the website, such information is for general guidance only and may not be reflective of the current state of prices or product availability.  Mr. Mulch, Inc maintains a list of up to date pricing and available products that can be obtained from a personal visit to Mr. Mulch Landscape Supply facility or it can be sent in writing via email, upon request. But you agree you cannot and will not reply on anything stated or contained in the website.
  6. If you have any concerns or questions about the measurement of yardage (after delivery) or the amount of product ordered, you must contact us within 24 hours of delivery and before applying material to landscapes.  No corrective action will be taken if material is applied or otherwise used in any way. If you have any concerns with Mr. Mulch, you must send notice, and photos, and inform Mr. Mulch of any concerns as soon as possible. Please send an email to [email protected]
  7. Pallet deposit fees may be charged on applicable products (Sod and Unilock products)
  8. Delivery for products includes the Seller transporting the purchased goods and either dumping the bulk product onto the driveway, or placing the palletized product on the driveway. Delivery does not include installation or relocation of the product. The Purchaser is responsible for installation and placement of any products purchased.
  9. Mr. Mulch provides delivery, or contracts with a third party to deliver your purchase, you agree that Mr. Mulch shall assume no liability whatsoever for any damages or actions that occur as a result of or relating to the delivery process. You agree to absolve Mr. Mulch from any and all liability related to, relating, or occurring from any delivery of any Mr. Mulch product. This liability waiver includes but is not limited to incidental or consequential property damage that may occur during the delivery including but not limited to: cracking of driveway surfaces, landscape and/or lawn damage, or other property damage. We will take commercially reasonable precautions to minimize damage, but damage can occur. You are responsible for specifically advising where a delivery should take place and you will be responsible for any damages or consequences. You assume full responsibility for product unloaded in public rights-of-way (including the risk of damage or injury to others) or that you request to be dumped in areas other than driveways. Delivery drivers reserve the right to dump or deliver the product to an appropriate area. Standard delivery rates apply to unloading material in one location on driveways or other easily accessible areas.  Deliveries requested to be unloaded in more than one location, areas other than driveways, or areas with poor access may not be accommodated. Mr. Mulch cannot and does not guarantee exact or precise delivery times, due to unforeseen conditions.
  10. Use of any delivered materials by, or on behalf of the Purchaser, shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of the materials by the Purchaser. 
  11. Unsuitable or unsatisfactory materials must be available for Inspection by the Seller to entitle the Purchaser to any adjustment or credit.
  12. All orders must be paid for by cash, certified check, or credit card before delivery can be scheduled.