Small River Rock

$0.043 Per Pounds
Small River Rock is an earth-tone decorative stone. Approximately ½”-1½” in size. Used to enhance the look of any hardscape project and is a great low-maintenance alternative to mulch. There are approximately 21.18 cubic feet per 2000 pounds of small river rock (a ton of small river rock is .78 of a cubic yard).

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Small River Rock is a small, multicolored decorative stone used for sitting areas, paths, and landscaping as well as many drainage applications. It is approximately 0.5" - 1.5" in size. This makes Small River Rock great for:

- Replacing mulch for a lower maintenance decorative landscape covering
- Used for lining a pond or water feature for a natural look
- A variety of drainage uses, such as French Drains
- Filling small decorative containers


126 square feet at a 2" depth

If want to fill an area with a decorative gravel that's easy to spread and promotes water drainage, Small River Rock is most likely the best option.

How do I get my gravel?

We can:

- Load the product directly into your truck or trailer using a "skid-steerer" (or Bobcat front loader). Keep in mind the truck bed needs to have an open top to use the loader. You are more than welcome to shovel it in a vechicle that has a closed top.
-Deliver your product in a dump truck that can dump in almost any paved area. We have trucks of various sizes that can fit almost any need.
-Delivery your product in a SuperSack which is a 3'x3'x3' bag on a pallet. The SuperSack is brought to you and placed in a paved area using a forklift on the back of the truck.
- Fill any container you bring! It's much cheaper than buying prepackaged bags.
- Install the product for you! Simply fill out this online form below (labeled "REQUEST A CONSULTATION"), we will call you to fill out a time to provide an immediate on-site estimate for the work you would like completed! Please keep in mind that the estimates are for installation projects, unfortunately, it is cost-prohibitive to offer home visits to help calculate how much stone you need if you are installing the stone yourself. Visit this page if you are interested in learning the approximate installation cost for Small River Rock. 

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