It is the policy of Mr. Mulch Landscape Supply to ensure that:


  1. Deliveries are scheduled as soon as possible based on customer’s preference and delivery availability. 
  2. In stock bulk products can be delivered the same day or next day depending on the availability.
  3. Products that are shipped on pallets are scheduled to be delivered two days after order is placed depending on the availability.
  4. All deliveries are completed on the day they are scheduled and have the correct product(s) and amounts delivered to the documented delivery address.
  5. Products are to be delivered to one single address.
  6. Multiple bulk products cannot be delivered on the same truck as products will mix on loading or unloading.
  7. All customers will be notified by a messaging service that sends a notification to the customer’s mobile number when the driver is enroute to the delivery address.   
  8. All product(s) are to be delivered at the location specified in the delivery notes unless it is not safe, cannot fit, or we will cause damage to the property.
    1. Delivery notes are either given verbally over the phone or in person, or they are input on an online order.
  9. Pictures are taken of the product(s) delivered.
  10. Signature of the customer to confirm all of the product was received and the amounts were accurate.  If the customer is not on site, the driver will sign after confirming products and amounts are accurate.
  11. A notification will be sent to the customer’s mobile number when delivery is complete.
  12. All deliveries are secured and are safe for transport
  13. Customer Service team and delivery drivers be conscious about overhead obstructions and other delivery obstacles