Rustic Buff Beige 8" Split Medium

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Our Rustic Buff 8" Split Medium Natural Stone comes from a quarry in Ohio, it is about 4" thick, has a buff/rust color, and a highly dimpled surface for a natural look. This natural stone can be used to build borders, fire pits, and landscape walls.

Rustic Buff Beige 8" Split Medium landscape stone comes from a quarry in southern Ohio. Its color is a solid buff/rust color and it has a highly dimpled surface for a very natural look. This particular version of Rustic Buff is approximately 3" to 4" thick and is split on the front to the back of the stone at 8" in depth., comes in various lengths.


- Natural looking retaining wall

- Landscape Wall or landscape retaining wall

- Edging for mulch, gravel, or river rocks


*one ton covers approximately 20 square feet. Face footage is the square footage of the face. 

Example: A wall that is 2ft Tall and 20ft Long is 40 face feet.


This stone originates from a quarry in Southern Ohio with a solid rust/buff color and light beige. 


This is a natural stone that has been cut and split, it is irregular so sizes and shapes will vary but they come close to these approximations: 3-4" thick and is split front to back at 8" in depth and comes in varying lengths. We highly recommend you look at our selection of stone in person. You may purchase a pallet of this stone or pick individual pieces that you admire for your specific project. 

How do I get my Natural Stone?

  • Load the product directly into your truck or trailer using a forklift. Keep in mind the truck bed needs to have an open top to use the loader. 
  • Deliver your product to you on a pallet placed in a paved area using a forklift on the back of a truck.
  • Pick out stones that you like and load them into your vehicle. (Don't worry, we can help you load but you're on your own for the unloading 

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