Do you know workers that can install a driveway? Not sure if we want gravel or pavers.

Yes, we install everything we sell and much more.  Our crews install paver patios, fences, decks, pavilions, outdoor kitchens, as well as spread mulch, topsoil, and gravel.  We can help you with almost anything outside including landscape plantings too.  Please fill out this form and someone will contact you to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs.  Free Installation Estimates!

Do you deliver to outside central Ohio?

We deliver anywhere in the state.  Our delivery rate is based on time it takes from our location in Columbus to the delivery address.  We calculate the rate using Google Maps, we enter your address and then our address.  The time it takes is calculated.  We take that time and multiple by 2.5 (to and from as well as loading time) then multiply by our hourly rate.  Dump trucks for bulk items are calculated at $75.00 per hour and our flatbed truck for palletized deliveries is $100.00 per hour.  You are welcome to calculate the rate to get an idea of the delivery cost if you live outside Franklin, Delaware, and Union counties.  If you live in those counties, we generally have a flat delivery rate already calculated.  If you get an error in the shopping cart for delivery, it is just not set up for your zip code.  We will deliver to you!  Just contact us via chat or phone and we will take your order that way instead of the website.


Is possible to be notified 30 minutes prior to a delivery and if I could arrange for a delivery tomorrow. I'm working on the online order now, but knowing this would help.  

Our drivers do call ahead of delivering the product to your home.  They are instructed to call approximately 60 minutes before the delivery, but sometimes that isn’t always possible.  They generally call when they are getting loaded for the delivery prior to yours in case there is a change of plans you have.  If the driver does not get an answer, they still deliver the product to the address and follow any instructions that are noted on the delivery work order. 


Also, keep in mind that you will receive an email the day before delivery with Stop # or delivery order you are in.  This will help determine a time frame for delivery the following day.


I'm interested in buying sod and I'm trying to determine how much to get. I have an 11' x 18' area to cover?

Our piece of sod is 24” by 54” or 2’ by 4.5’, that is equal to a yard of sod.  A yard of sod is 9 square feet.  To calculate how much you need, just multiply the length by the width of the area you would like to install your sod.  In this case, 11’ x 18’ is 198 square feet.  You then divide the total area of 198 squrea feet by 9 square feet (size of our sod pieces).  You would need exactly 22 pieces of sod but it is always a good idea to get an extra piece or two for good measure. 


I was wondering if you sold sod by the piece?  I need  like 5 rolls and can it be picked up?

We generally get fresh shipments of sod twice a week, so we definitely confirm we have it before heading over to pick up.  The answer is yes, you can definitely purchase sod by the piece at the store. The pieces of sod are 24” x 54” or 9 square feet. We will load the sod into your vehicle.  Remember with sod...water, water, water!


I am looking at 6 yards of black double shredded mulch delivered to 43017.  What is the cost of the mulch and delivery?

In central Ohio, we charge a flat delivery rate based on the zip code we are delivering to.  Here is a list of our delivery rates.  You then would need to calculate the material cost based on which type of mulch as well as how much mulch you need, then add the flat delivery rate plus tax of course.  There is a different delivery fee for bulk products and bag products.  Also, you can only have one bulk product delivered at one time so there would be multiple delivery charges if you select multiple bulk products.  You can contact us as well, we might be able to put a few bags of mulch on the truck with a bulk product.  It does get a bit confusing but we can walk you through it if you want multiple products.


I would like to get an idea of how much natural landscape stone I need for my flower beds and approximate price.  


Building a garden wall or retaining wall out of natural stone is a great option.  Figuring out how much stone you need is pretty easy once you know how to calculate it.  Stone varies in coverage per face foot (same thing as square foot but instead you are doing a vertical surface instead of a horizontal surface).  When calculating vertical surfaces it is “face feet” when calculating horizontal or flat surfaces it is “square feet”...basically the same thing!  


You need to figure out how long you want your wall to be in feet, then estimate the height of the wall.  The height gets a bit challenging as yards are not generally level so your garden wall will be different heights which makes it a bit more difficult to calculate how much stone you need. Don’t stress, just estimate the average height of the wall.  So for this calculation, let’s assume the wall is 30 feet long and will average 1’ tall.  You need enough stone to cover 30 face feet (30’ x 1’)!  Okay, now you need to select your stone and it varies both by how it is fabricated or split front to back as well as how you lay the irregular pieces if you choose that type of stone.


So, we have 6” split, 8” split, and irregular stone; this is in reference to the depth of the stone from the front of the stone to the back of the stone.  This is not the thickness of the stone, that is something you would see as you are looking at the stone wall from your yard.  The depth is the bird’s eye view from the top.  A 6” depth stone covers approximately 27 to 30 face feet per ton (2000 pounds) and an 8” depth stone covers approximately 18 to 20 face feet per ton (2000 pounds).  A 6” depth stone is stable enough to build a wall no more than 2’ tall.  If you are building a natural stone wall higher than 2’ then consider 8” depth stone.  They are good for higher walls.  Now getting to the irregular stone, that type of stone depth is very hard to calculate but as a general rule assume about 15 face feet per ton.  That can range as much as 25 face feet or as little as 8 face feet, it depends on the stone as well as how you lay it.  If there is an irregular piece that is approximately 6” x 12”, you will get twice the face footage or coverage if you lay the 12” as the face and 6” as the depth than if you lay the 6” as the face and 12” as the depth.  A bit tricky but not too complicated to understand so use the longer side as the face and you get better coverage out of the stone. 


So, you now know the difference, let's look at the 30 face foot wall and determine how much you need.  If you use a 6” depth stone you would need approximately 2000 pounds.  If you use an 8” depth stone, you will need 3000 pounds (30 face foot wall divided by 20 face feet per ton coverage).  Then, you need to estimate the irregular stone, we would suggest 4000 pounds to build the wall (30 face foot wall divided by 15 face feet per ton).  You can determine the cost of your project based now on the stone you select. 


Don’t forget you do need some base material and backfill material to ensure all your hard work and investment lasts.  We suggest #57 stone in bulk or All Purpose stone in bags for both the base and backfill.


I had a question: do you take yard waste?

Yes, we accept yard waste for a fee based on the amount you have.  We then haul it to our soil producer for them to recycle the material into compost.  We would love to accept at no charge but we must charge a fee as we must reload and drive the yard waste to the composting facility.  There cannot be any trash, dirt, bricks, rocks, concrete, etc in the drop off.  Only brush and leaves.

Do you sell fire pits?

Yes, we have fire pits!  The most common fire pit option at Mr. Mulch Landscape Supply is made by Unilock.  The Sunset Fire Pit which has a metal liner for the interior of the firepit.  The most common fire pit is constructed using Unilock’s Brussels Dimensional Small Tapered unit.  It makes a nice round 52” outside diameter fire pit.  You would need 18 units per course (or layer), each unit is 4” thick.  Some folks like just one course while others like five courses, most settle on 3 or 4 courses.  We stock the Brussels Dimensional Small Tapered Unit in Limestone, Sandstone, Sierra, and River colors.  If you are interested in the Sunset Fire Pit kit, we can special order that and it takes about one week.  

We do have square fire pits as well, if you want to choose your own size that works just fine.  A square fire pit constructed with the Brussels Dimensional Standard unit is 12” long, so most folks lay out 4 long ways and then turn a piece.  That makes nine units per layer or course.  This square fire pit is approximately 56” on the outside. 


We do have extensive options for fire pits at The Outdoor Living Store.  They are portable, both gas and wood fire pits are available.  We also have gas rings and linear burners as well.

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