Pea Pebbles

$6.500 Per Half Cubic Foot Bag
Our bagged Pea Pebbles are a great choice for beds that are prone to standing water. They don’t absorb it and they also cut down on soil erosion. Pea pebbles are also great for those who have allergies, because they do not promote mold growth.

Pea pebble is a 3/8 inch round gravel that is from glacial till, which enables the gravel to have multiple colors -- tan, buff, blue, and brown. Pea pebble is a decorative gravel that can be used to spruce up landscape beds, or it can be used as a drainage gravel. This round gravel can be used for driveways, pathways, and other decorative areas around your home. This decorative gravel has several benefits, including: - Declined soil erosion - No mold growth - Long lasting - Good for those with allergies Are you interested in learning more about pea pebble or the other gravel selections Mr. Mulch has to offer? Then give us a call today at 614-792-8686 for more information.

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Half Cubic Foot Bag


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