Kentucky Bluegrass Sod 24" x 54" (Square Yard)

$11.500 Per Square Yard
Kentucky bluegrass sod is a dense, attractive sod that spreads easily and blends well with existing grass. This sod is perfect for the temperate Ohio climate. The bright green or blue green color is pleasing to the eye, and the texture is soft and pleasant to the touch. ALL SOD MUST BE INSTALLED ON THE DAY IT IS DELIVERED OR PICKED UP. NO WARRANTIES OR RETURN ON SOD.

Kentucky bluegrass sod is one of the best sods on the market, especially in the cooler Central Ohio climate. This 2' by 4.5' piece of sod has a better cold tolerance than other types of grass, and it is able to spread more easily, making it great for turf and other projects. Kentucky bluegrass sod comes in 1 square yard pieces that blend well with existing grass. This dense, attractive sod is easy on the eyes as well, with a bright green, or possibly blue-green, color and a texture that is softer than most grass species. For more information about Kentucky bluegrass sod from Mr. Mulch, contact us today at 614-792-8686.

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