How much mulch do I need?

It depends on if you have mulched before and how deep you want your mulch.  Generally, when people mulch the landscape beds they like an average depth of 2 inches.  This will help with moisture retention for your plants and provide enough of a barrier to help retard weed growth.  If it is a new landscape bed, it is suggested that the depth of mulch is 3 inches. Once you determine the depth of mulch, you will then decide on the square footage of where you will apply the mulch.  You can get a tape measure if you like, but pacing it off will work just fine too (but it is a little less accurate). Grab a pen and paper or use your phone. It is simply length multiplied by the width of the area mulched.  Assuming you are 6’ tall, it is fair to say a large step is 3’. So, 20 paces would be 60’ by 3 paces would be 9’. The formula would be 60’ x 9’ which is 540 square feet. So, you can do bags of mulch or bulk mulch. Bulk mulch is sold by the cubic yard and it covers 162 square feet at 2” deep or 108 square feet at 3” deep.  Bags of mulch come in 2 cubic foot bags and the coverage is 12 square feet at 2” deep or 8 square feet at 3” deep. Based on 2” deep, you will need 3.33 cubic yards or 45 bags of mulch. If you want to apply the mulch at 3” deep, you will need 4.995 cubic yards or 67.5 bags. We sell bulk mulch by the full cubic yard.