Eden Thin

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Eden Thin natural landscape stone varies in color from a light grey to a light tan with a relatively flat surface. It is 1.5 -2.5" thick, and varies greatly in size, with diameter up to 18". Eden thin can be used to build borders, retaining walls, free standing walls, fire pits, and it can also be used as a simple stepping stone.

Eden Thin landscape stone comes from a stone quarry in Wisconsin. Its color ranges from a light gray to a light tan with a relatively flat surface. This particular version of Eden Thin is approximately 1.5" to 2" thick and as an irregular stone, it comes in many different sizes up to a 18" diameter. This landscape stone can be used for both flat surfaces like patios and walkways as well as vertical walls like fire pits or landscaping walls.

You can purchase the stone two different ways, either by the pallet (pieces not selected individually, loaded by us as the stone comes off the pallet) or??hand picked by you (individually selected pieces) the natural landscape stone.?? If you hand pick your stone, the prices is 10 cents more per pound.

*One ton (2000 pounds) covers approximately 80-100 square feet for a patio or walkway. ??Larger gaps increases coverage and large pieces decreases coverage be reducing the number of gaps.

*One ton (2000 pounds) covers approximately 10-15 face feet for a landscape wall.?? If you utilize the longest face of the stone toward the front or exposed part of the wall, you will get the most coverage.

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