Certified Wood Playground Bulk Mulch

$39.950 Per Cubic Yard
Certified wood playground mulch is natural hardwood fiber. It is a soft, and safe solution for children’s play areas. Coverage depth is recommended somewhere between 8-12 inches for safety. Product is IPEMA certified, the highest quality in the market. A cubic yard of playground mulch weighs approximately 457 pounds.

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Certified Wood Playground Mulch is both safe and soft for your kiddos! A certified solution to your playground that is economical and available in loose (bulk) or in super sacks. You will see our mulch in many of the schools and parks in Worthington, Dublin, and Powell. We are the trusted source for playground mulch in bulk. 


- Mulch should be 8" to 12" deep to ensure the safety of children.

- Relatively soft which is great for kids' feet and hands

- Engineered wood fiber made from a variety of hardwood. 

- Certified ASTM and ADA. 

- This material also carries the IPEMA certification making it the highest-achieving certified material on the market.

- Top-off should occur every two to four years.


PEMA CERTIFIED In the interest of public playground safety, the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) provides a Third-Party Certification service whereby an independent laboratory, TV SD America Inc. validates a manufacturers certification of conformance to ASTM F 1292, Standard Specification for Impact Attenuation Under and Around Playground Equipment and ASTM F 2075 Standard Specification for Engineered Wood Fiber for Use as a Playground Safety Surface Under and Around Playground Equipment. The use of the IPEMA Playground Surfacing Certification Seals signify that Fibar Systems have received written validation from TV SD America Inc. that a specified thickness of the product associated with the seal conforms with the requirements of ASTM F 1292 at a specified critical fall height and with the requirements of ASTM F 2075 for engineered wood fiber quality and purity, and has certified that the associated product is made with the same materials and in the same manner as the original representative product sample as validated by TV.


How do I get my mulch?

We have different ways to get the mulch to its final place...your landscape beds! 

1. You can stop by our store anytime to purchase the mulch and we will load it for you, so no dirty work for you (yet).

2. If you prefer, we can deliver it to your home so you do not need to pick up. The delivery charge varies and depends on where you live and how much you get. When you are in the shopping cart, you will be prompted to select ‘pick up in store’ or ‘delivery’. When you select the delivery option, it will ask for the zip code where the product will be delivered.

3. Simply click the button below to fill out the online form and we will be out there to provide an on-site estimate for the work you would like completed! Please keep in mind that the estimates are for installation projects, unfortunately, it is cost-prohibitive to offer home visits to help calculate how much mulch you need. Don’t worry though, chat with us online or even call us on the phone, we would love to help you figure out how much you need!

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