Brassfield Fines

Brassfield Fines are a small, crushed limestone that is tan to golden color that used for sitting areas, paths, and landscaping.  It is approximately 5/16″ down to 3/16″ in size.

Brassfield Fines are a small, crushed limestone that is tan to golden color that used for sitting areas, paths, and landscaping.  It is approximately 5/16″ down to 3/16″ in size.  This makes Brassfield Fines great for:


- Replacing mulch for a lower maintenance decorative landscape covering
- pathways and driveways
- Filling small decorative containers


How do I get my gravel?

We can:

- Load the product directly into your truck or trailer using a "skid-steerer" (or Bobcat front loader). Keep in mind the truck bed needs to have an open top to use the loader. You are more than welcome to shovel it in a vechicle that has a closed top.
-Deliver your product in a dump truck that can dump in almost any paved area. We have trucks of various sizes that can fit almost any need.
-Delivery your product in a SuperSack which is a 3'x3'x3' bag on a pallet. The SuperSack is brought to you and placed in a paved area using a forklift on the back of the truck.
- Fill any container you bring! It's much cheaper than buying prepackaged bags.
- Install the product for you! Simply fill out this on-line form below (labeled "FREE ESTIMATES"), select an appointment time, and we will be out there to provide an immediate on-site estimate for the work you would like completed! As a general rule, installation labor is approximately $75.00 per ton plus the cost of the material...again just a ballpark so you know what to expect.

Please see below for more detailed information about delivery.


Free Estimates


How much do I need?  

This is the most common question we have and it is easy to figure out with our gravel calculator!  Bulk gravel is sold by ton which.  If you provide input a little information to our calculator, we will provide you with how much gravel you will need for your project.  Simply get the width and length of the areas that you will be applying the gravel and input the information in our gravel project calculator, then select your desired depth of gravel.  The calculator will figure out how many tons you will need!  Make sure you consider the existing plants in the area, you will not be applying gravel on top of them so minus some of the area out for that!  


 Brassfield Fines Calculator

Area 1  Width




Area 2 





Area 3 





Area 4 






1/2 cubic foot bags needed for your project
Tons needed for your project


Brassfield Fines Coverage: 

Each ton covers approximately 60 square feet at 4" deep and 80 square feet at 3" deep.


Brassfield Fines Color:

This stone is from Indiana and is golden tan in color that also has a light shimmer.

Brassfield Fines Shape/Size: 

This stone is angular in shape.  The size of each stone is approximately 5/16″ down to 3/16″ in diameter.


Brassfield Fines Material:



Weight of Brassfield Fines :

2000 Pounds


Volume of ton of Brassfield Fines:

17 Cubic Feet


Gravel Installation Instructions: 

- Brassfield Fines is often used as a ground covering. It is recommended that a barrier such as Filter Fabric be placed on the ground before laying the gravel. This will not only help to keep the Medium River Rock from being pushed into the soil, it will make it much easier to remove the Medium River Rock should you want to do so.
- It is recommended that Brassfield Fines is spread at a depth between 2" and 3". If no barrier is used between the soil and the Brassfield Fines, some of the gravel will be pushed into the ground and this can be accounted for by laying more gravel when installed. Otherwise, more gravel can be added later to refresh the area. 

- Brassfield Fines is typically recommended for driveways and walkways. It's relatively small in size and can be perfect to walk on or drive on if used on the driveway.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call our experts at 614-792-8686 or use the chat window at the bottom right of your screen.


Other Packaging Options:

This product is only available in bulk.


Shipping Information: 

Bulk products in loose form will be dumped from our trucks or loaded by machine in your open truck.  Unfortunately, we cannot mix bulk products on the same truck nor can we dump your product in more than one spot.  If you are interested in multiple bulk products, you may want to consider selecting the Supersack packaging option, then you can mix the bulk products on the same truck if they are all packaged in Supersacks.  We can bring up to 15 cubic yards or tons of bulk or packaged material to you per delivery.  Please keep in mind that our drivers ability to place the product in the exact location you want it may be limited due to access and overhead obstructions.  We ship product 7 days a week, but please provide a two day notice when orders are placed on-line.  Please contact us with any other questions!  


Return Information: 

Due to the nature of bulk products, it cannot be returned for credit.

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