#2 Limestone

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3 days for local delivery. Pick up available the same day your order is placed.
#2 Limestone is commonly used as a primary base under crushed aggregate. It can also be used as a decorative stone under decking or exposed. #2 Limestone is very common when working in construction or when needing a base product.

#2Limestone is NOT stocked at Mr. Mulch Landscape Supply (6469 Nicholas Drive), but we can pick up from the producer and deliver directly to your website. Delivery available times are Monday to Friday from 8AM to 4PM.There is a 5 ton or 10,000 pound minimum for us to delivery this gravel.

How do I get my Gravel?


We can:

-       This product is not stocked at our location and is available via special order in 5 tons or more deliveries. 

-        Install the product for you! Simply fill out this online form below (labeled "REQUEST A CONSULTATION"), and we will be out there to provide an immediate on-site estimate for the work you would like completed! Please keep in mind that the estimates are for installation projects, unfortunately, it is cost-prohibitive to offer home visits to help calculate how much stone you need if you are installing the stone yourself. Visit this page if you are interested in learning the approximate installation cost for #2 Limestone. 

Shipping Information:

Bulk products in loose form will be dumped from our trucks or loaded by machine in your open truck. Unfortunately, we cannot mix bulk products on the same truck, nor can we dump your product in more than one spot. If you are interested in multiple bulk products, you may want to consider selecting the SuperSack packaging option, then you can mix the bulk products on the same truck if they are all packaged in Super Sacks. We can bring up to 15 cubic yards or tons of bulk or packaged material to you per delivery. Please keep in mind that our driver's ability to place the product in the exact location you want may be limited due to access and overhead obstructions. We ship products 7 days a week, but please provide a two day notice when orders are placed online. Please contact us with any other questions! 


Return Information:

Due to the nature of bulk products, it cannot be returned for credit.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our experts at (614) 792 - 8686 or use the chat window at the bottom right of your screen.

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