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Planters, tree rings, walls and borders are all made easy with Roman Stack.

Whether your design calls for straight or winding walls steps, planters, tree rings or borders, the tapered design of split and weathered-finished Roman Stack makes almost anything possible.





Shapes & Sizes

Wedge Unit

20 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm

7.75" x 7.75" x 3.75"

Design Combinations

The finishing touches to your project lies in the exceptional borders and accents that you incorporate into your landscape features. Looking for more options the pictures featured on the right? Create your own design combinations by clicking the button below!

Create Your Own


Borders & Accents
Surface Texture
Split & Weathered


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  Unit Thickness Lbs Bndl. Units Bndl.
Wedge Unit 10 2357 144

Important Information

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3 Items

  1. Romanstack (Sierra) by Unilock
    Romanstack (Sierra)
    This bold rich color offers striking tones from grey, brown, to a hint of tan. Learn More
  2. Romanstack (River) by Unilock
    Romanstack (River)
    A very nice blend of tan, charcoal, and of the most color popular choices. Learn More
  3. Romanstack (Granite) by Unilock
    Romanstack (Granite)
    Granite color is perfect blend of natural and charcoal colors that is perfect for many applications. Learn More
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3 Items