Tumbled Indiana 8" Split Medium

Tumbled Indiana 8" Split landscape stone is split into a shape that roughly resembles a brick and varies in length. It's a solid grey color and is very easy to build walls with.

Tumbled Indiana 8" Medium natural landsape comes from a quarry in Indiana on the edge of the Ohio-Indiana border. It's light grey in color and cut to 3" thick. The cuts give it a very uniform thickness while the tumbled look gives it rougher look than the Indiana 8" Natural Stone. The combination makes for a natural buy uniform wall.

This particular version of Indiana is approximately 3" thick, 8" deep, and comes in various lengths. This stone is known as a "dry stack" or "dry wall" because it is essentially shaped like a brick that comes in various length. This makes it very easy to build with. Only need a few specific pieces?


*One ton covers approximately 18-20 face feet.  Face footage is the square footage of the face of the wall so a 2’ tall wall 20’ long is 40 face feet.

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