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Pine Bark Mulch, 2 Cubic Foot Bag

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Pine Bark Mulch is an excellent choice for landscape beds, pathways, and playgrounds. A very versatile mulch that will hold its color and body all year plus it is great for adding nutrients to the soil.

Pine Bark Mulch in bags has a multitude of advantages that will improve your flower beds, while also increasing the aesthetic appeal of your landscape design. These advantages include:


- Great in tight spaces
- Allows new plants room to grow
- Moisture retention
- Controlling weeds
- Slows plant decay
- Supplies organic material to the soil
- Protecting crops from soil borne diseases


Pine Bark Mulch has other benefits such as the rich aroma of pine as well as the acidity that it adds to the soil. This mulch is the smallest of the pine chips or nuggets, plus the consistent bark pieces makes it easier to apply to your landscape projects. Keep in mind that in windy location or where water runs, this mulch may not be the best option.  Finally, Pine Bark Mulch is a very popular option for playgrounds!  A great look that is very soft for youngsters.


How do I get my mulch?

We have different ways to get the mulch to its final place...your landscape beds!  You can stop by our store anytime to purchase the mulch and we will load it for you, so no dirty work for you (yet).  If you prefer, we can deliver it to your home so you do not need to pick up.  Delivery charges vary and depend on where you live, but most areas we deliver to are $59.00 to $99.00.  When you are in the shopping cart, you will be able to enter your zip code to get an exact quote.  Finally, we can install the mulch for you!  Simple fill out this on-line form below (labeled "FREE ESTIMATES"), select an appointment time, and we will be out there to provide an immediate on-site estimate for the work you would like completed!  As a general rule, installation labor is approximately $75.00 per cubic yard plus the cost of the material...again just a ballpark so you know what to expect.


Free Estimates


How much do I need?  

This is the most common question we have and it is easy to figure out with our mulch calculator!  Mulch is sold by volume (2 cubic foot bags, 3 cubic foot bags, or by the cubic yard) not by weight. If you provide input a little information to our calculator, we will provide you with how much mulch you will need for your project.  Simply get the width and length of the areas that you will be applying the mulch and input the information in our mulch project calculator, then select your desired depth of mulch.  The calculator will figure out how many bags or cubic yards you will need!  Make sure you consider the existing plants in the area, you will not be applying mulch on top of them so minus some of the area out for that!  


 Mulch Calculator


Area 1  Width




Area 2 





Area 3 





Area 4 






2 c.f. bags needed for your project


Mulch Coverage: 

Each two cubic foot bag covers 6 square feet at 4" deep, 9 square feet at 3" deep, or 12 square feet at 2" deep.


Pine Bark Mulch Color:

Natural Red/Brown


Pine Bark Mulch Texture/Shape/Size: 

Smallest pine nugget


Pine Bark Mulch Material:

Southern Pine


Approximate Weight of Pine Bark Mulch:

32 Pounds


Volume of Pine Bark Mulch:

2 Cubic Feet


Bags on a pallet of Pine Bark Mulch:

65 Bags


Mulch Installation Instructions: 

Add a generous thickness of mulch. The depth of mulch is really important if you want to retain moisture and prevent weed growth. Aim for at least two to four inches (5-10cm) of depth.


Other Packaging Options:

This product is only available in 2 cubic foot bags.


Shipping Information: 

This product is generally shipped palletized on our flatbed truck and placed on your driveway. This product can delivered any other bagged/packaged mulch, bagged/packaged topsoil, bagged/packaged sand, bagged concrete mix, bagged/packaged gravel, grass seed, straw, sod, Eco-Bricks, bagged/packaged salt, bagged wood pellets or packaged firewood.  Due to the nature of the packaging and trucks we use, we cannot deliver this bagged product with any bulk mulch, bulk topsoil, bulk sand, bulk gravel, bulk salt, or  bulk firewood.


Return Information: 

This product is stocked at our store and can be returned for full credit within 30 days with receipt. Product must be returned fully sealed with no rips in the bag(s).

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