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Mr. Mulch has a large selection of steppers, flaggers, and patio stone and our experts will help you to get the job done!

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  1. Gray Gorge 2" - Palletized
    Gray Gorge Thin Natural Stone (501)
    Grey Gorge Thin is an irregular stone that ranges in color from light grays to dark grays. It's very commonly found in the Columbus area. Learn More
  2. Indiana Tumbled Thin Natural Stone, Pallet
    Indiana Tumbled Thin Natural Stone (508)
    Indiana Tumbled Thin Natural Stone is a tumbled limestone. It's gray with a tumbled finish which makes it look rustic and aged while its cut thickness makes it easy to work with. Learn More
  3. Eden Thin Natural Stone, Pallet
    Eden Thin Natural Stone (507)

    Mr. Mulch has one of the largest selections of natural stone available to the public, on the market today! Our Gray Eden Thin Natural Stone can be used to build borders, retaining walls, free standing walls, fire pits, and it can also be used as a simple stepping stone.

    Learn More
  4. Southern Buff 2" - Palletized
    Southern Buff Thin Natural Stone (505)
    Southern Buff Thin has a very natural and rough surface. It is known for its rust, buff, and brown coloring. Learn More
  5. Pennsylvania Bluestone Medium - Pallet
    Pennsylvania Bluestone Medium (504)
    Pennsylvania Bluestone Medium is a 3" thick irregular stone thats color ranges from blues, purples, greens, browns, grays. Learn More
  6. Sedona Red Flagging, Pallet
    Sedona Red Flagging (502)

    Looking for a beautiful red stone from the red rocks of Arizona? There's nothing in Ohio quite like it! These large flaggers range from will set your patio apart!

    Learn More
  7. Buckskin Flagging - Pallet
    Buckskin Flagging (510)
    Buckskin Flagging is a natural stone from a quarry in Arizona and is known for its unique tan color and natural sruface. Learn More
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7 Items