A high performance heavy duty industrial pavement.

Optiloc is one of the best solutions for vehicular pavements. While maintaining a rectilinear look and feel, it possesses the same locking principal as its relative Anchorlock which is well recognized by unit paver specialists worldwide. Both paver systems have the dual-axis engineering providing superior surface strength and high traffic performance. Ask us about customizing the color and surface of this product.



Standard finish

Washed finish

Brushed finish

Shapes & Sizes

(Special Order)

26 cm x 26 cm x 8 cm

10" x 10" x 3"


Commercial Vehicular
Residential Vehicular


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  Unit Thickness Sq. Ft. Bndl. Sq. Ft. Layer Layers Bndl. Units Sq. Ft. Lbs Bndl. Units Bndl.
(Special Order)
8 77.33 9.67 8 1.86 2801 144

Additional Optiloc® Information

Special Order from standard colors - Lead time required. This product is optimized for mechanical installation. Full bundles only. Product is shipped on skids. Minimum quantities may apply. 126 units per bundle is made up of 119 whole units, 7 1/3 units and 7 2/3 units. All measurements are nominal.

Important Information

  Optiloc is one of the best solutions for commercial vehicular pavements. While maintaining a rectilinear look and feel, it possessesthe same dual-axis locking principal as Anchorlock which is well recognized by unit paver specialists worldwide. Ask us aboutcustomizing the color and surface of this product. Base Requirement & Bedding Course – standard paver base specification.   Handling and Installation– A protective pad is recommended when doing the final paver compaction. Fixed pattern. Intendedfor mechanical installation. Can be hand laid if required. Jointing Material and Joint Stabilization
  • Good: ordinary dry joint sand
  • Best:   Any Polymeric Sand or ordinary dry joint sand stabilized by a water-based or solvent-based joint sand stabilizersealer. Important: squeegee water from surface during polymeric sand activation to prevent a white residue fromforming.
  • Product may be sealed but it is not absolutely required
  • Unilock Unicare, Surebond, BP Pro and Techniseal sealers can be used.
  • Select type for desired aesthetics.
  • Product must be cleaned before sealing
Cleaners – Any paver cleaner may be used for color restoration or general cleaning. Follow manufacturer’s dilution rates and application procedures.
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