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If you want to buy a superior fireplace fuel, Enviro-Bricks are the way to go! These compressed sawdust bricks are cleaner burning than many other fuels on the market today. Enviro-Bricks are a fraction of the size of regular cord wood and store easier. Come in today and learn more about the Enviro-Bricks for sale at Mr. Mulch!

There are 96 packages per ton, the ton rate is $388.80. 



Enviro-Bricks are pressed sawdust fireplace fuel, is an effective alternative to other fuels such as fuel oil and coal. Unlike coal and other fossil fuels that extract CO2 from the ground and deposit it into the atmosphere when burnt, Enviro-Bricks are made from sawdust and are considered CO2 neutral because the trees they are manufactured from extract more CO2 from the atmosphere than the logs emit when burnt for heat. As a matter of fact, Enviro-Bricks produce 52% less particulate matter to the atmosphere than cordwood.

Enviro-Bricks are twice the density of cordwood and about the same energy density as coal with burn times significantly longer than cordwood.


Enviro-Bricks are a consistent size for easier storage than cordwood.
1 ton of Enviro-Bricks = one cord of wood.
1 ton of Enviro-Bricks = 1 42”x42”x48” skid.
Cord of wood = 48”x48”x96” of storage space. Enviro-Bricks


take half the storage space but supply longer burn times, due to density and optimized stove fill.


Enviro-Bricks are manufactured from 100% kiln dried hardwood lumber sawdust and compressed with 24,000 lbs pressure making them twice as dense as cordwood.


Enviro-Bricks burn twice as clean as cordwood leaving ½ as much ash waste as cordwood. Enviro-Bricks are equally sized bricks and fit into wood burning stoves much better than cordwood.

With Enviro-Bricks you have no worries of bugs, easier storage, much less mess and makes use of scrap wood which is much

more environmentally friendly than cordwood or coal for fuel in wood burning stoves.


Our New Enviro-Brick compressed sawdust fireplace fuel is far superior to other fireplace fuels. When compared with cord wood our Enviro-Bricks burns longer and require half the storage space as cord wood and come prepackaged in plastic and are much cleaner than cord wood. Enviro-Bricks are much cleaner than coal to use with much less soot output.

Enviro-Bricks are environmentally friendly as well. Enviro-Bricks are considered carbon neutral for CO2 output because the CO2 emitted when burned is much less than the trees turn into oxygen while growing. Coal and other fuels extract CO2 from the earth and emit into the atmosphere having a negative environmental impact compared to Enviro-Bricks.

The results are in!

pressed hardwood fireplace bricks outperform seasoned hardwood firewood in burning tests.


Enviro-Bricks burn longer than the same weight in firewood logs.



Build a teepee around newsprint or fire sticks and establish a strong coal bed. This is the first step to firing any type of wood stove or fireplace fire.


Enviro-bricks are a very dry all-wood product. Use only in well maintained stove or fireplace and control air flow to prevent overheating and extend burn times.

burning Enviro-bricks in stove with rear combustion chamber

Push coals into mouth of rear combustion chamber, covering it by as much as two thirds.

Build a wall of bricks in front and over coals, packing bricks tight together and laying them flat as much as possible.

Stay behind fire irons with fuel.

Once fire is going well close damper to direct air flow through mouth of rear combustion chamber.

burning Enviro-Bricks in catalytic stove or stove with combustion air tubes in firebox

Start teepee in fire box and establish strong coals.

Push coals to back corner of stove and build wall in front of and over coal bed, laying Enviro-Bricks flat and tight together. Alternate stacking “ENVIRO” insignia facing forward and sideways to further cut down on air flow through stack.

Enviro-bricks grow slightly when burning. Do not pack too closely to glass or top lid.

Always maintain some flame in the firebox. You need to burn the smoke (with flame) in order to extract heat from the wood. You should see little or no smoke in the chimney.


More Information

Hard, compact compressed wood
Compressed Hardwood Sawdust
37.5 Square Feet
Eco Bricks can burn at 8500 BTUs per pound -- about 17 million BTUs per ton
Delivery Information

This product is generally shipped palletized on our flatbed truck and placed on your driveway. This product can delivered any other bagged/packaged mulch, bagged/packaged topsoil, bagged/packaged sand, bagged concrete mix, bagged/packaged gravel, grass seed, straw, sod, Enviro-Bricks, bagged/packaged salt, bagged wood pellets or packaged firewood. Due to the nature of the packaging and trucks we use, we cannot deliver this bagged product with any bulk mulch, bulk topsoil, bulk sand, bulk gravel, bulk salt, or bulk firewood.


This product is stocked at our store. Due to the seasonality of this product, this item is not returnable for credit.


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